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How To Prepare Yourself For Filing A Divorce?

The decision to file for divorce never comes easy. Many people, even those who consider themselves tough individuals, may not be prepared for the emotional turmoil they will experience during the divorce process. In addition to being an emotionally taxing process, divorce is also a complicated legal process that involves many confusing procedures.

The divorce process can take months or years, which is why people filing for divorce should prepare themselves for the complicated and long road ahead. However, you can make the divorce process less overwhelming and confusing if you prepare yourself in advance. Consider seeking legal counsel from an experienced lawyer to help you make the divorce process easier for everyone involved, including your children.

Steps to Take to Prepare for Divorce

According to Demographic Research, divorce rates in Canada are on the decline. However, it does not change the fact that thousands of Canadian couples make the decision to file for divorce every year.

Knowing what steps to take before filing for divorce can make the entire process less stressful and emotionally draining. If you are considering ending your marriage, take the following steps to prepare yourself before you file a petition for divorce.

1. Choose an Amicable Divorce Option

You have several options when getting a divorce. However, the most important choice to make when seeking a divorce is whether you want to litigate your case or resolve it out of court. If possible, you should opt for an amicable divorce option, such as mediation, to save yourself from unnecessary expenses and stress.

2. Get Organized

Being organized is a critical step you must take when preparing yourself for filing a divorce. Gather copies of your financial records, compile a list of your assets and debts, collect personal information and documents that you might need for your divorce case. Getting organized helps you speed up your divorce case.

3. Establish a Support System

Understandably, most people experience heartache, loneliness, and a feeling of loss when ending their marriage. It is perfectly normal to feel sad, angry, and frustrated during the divorce process. However, you should deal with your roller-coaster of emotions in a healthy way.

If you do not take your emotions under control, they could eventually cloud your judgment and negatively affect your divorce case. You need to surround yourself with the right people, including your close friends and family members and may consider talking to a therapist to help you cope.

4. Understand the Divorce Process

Many people who decide to file for divorce do not know what to expect. In fact, many people do not understand their rights and responsibilities when ending their marriage. Divorce is not just about officially ending your marriage. It is a complicated process that involves many legal procedures and nuances.

Before filing for divorce, consider speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer to explain what you should expect and what laws you need to understand.

5. Decide Your Living Arrangement

Filing for divorce usually means that one of the spouses will need to move out while the divorce is pending. Understandably, many divorcing couples cannot afford to rent an apartment while their divorce is ongoing. Unless you want to live with your spouse under the same roof during the divorce proceedings, it is vital to understand your options for living arrangements and how moving out could potentially affect the division of assets and other aspects of your divorce.

6. Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Unless you and your spouse agree on every aspect of your divorce, you should consider hiring a skilled divorce lawyer to help you navigate the legal process. You can discuss the details of your divorce case with your lawyer and have comfort knowing that your rights and best interests will be protected throughout your divorce case. A lawyer will also help you gather the necessary documentation and take other steps to prepare you for filing a divorce.

Divorce is a complicated and confusing process that can last years. There are many steps you should take to prepare yourself for filing a divorce. At Baker Doodnauth, our divorce lawyers help clients throughout Newmarket and York Region navigate the divorce process from start to finish. Our team of family law attorneys prioritizes securing favourable outcomes for our clients. Schedule a case review with our lawyers by calling 905.895.8184 today.

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