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Why Do Couples Get Divorced?

Regardless of the reason, getting a divorce can be an upsetting and confusing time for both parties. Navigating a newly single lifestyle to manage child custody and divorce is a challenging maze to navigate without the proper assistance and legal guidance.

However, have you ever considered some of the most common reasons why couples get divorced? If you’re looking to understand why some couples choose to get divorced, even if they’ve been together for decades, keep reading.


One of the most common reasons for divorce amongst married couples is infidelity. In fact, one in ten married Canadians admit to having an extramarital affair. Whether it was a short fling or an established relationship, infidelity causes extreme fractures in marriages, as the basis of trust is disassembled between one or both parties.

For infidelity to be classed as a reasonable explanation for a divorce, one of the parties will have had to have sexual relations with a third party. It’s very important to note that only the innocent party can apply for a divorce in the event of infidelity in Canada, which means the party engaging in infidelity is not able to apply for a divorce based on their own actions.

Financial Reasons

Money struggles put significant strain on relationships regardless of the cause of such difficulties. Disagreements about spending and not being able to make ends meet can lead to explosive arguments and resentment between couples, so it’s no wonder that financial reasons contribute to a significant proportion of divorces.

Financial problems can occur for a multitude of reasons, including gambling, debts, overspending, unemployment and family problems. Divorce may be more likely if one party is responsible for the majority of the financial troubles, such as through their personal spending habits, debts from before the marriage or a recent job loss.

Disagreements And Arguments

Constant fighting can very quickly begin to break the bond between a couple and breed resentment and toxicity in a relationship.

If fighting and disagreements have started to have an impact on intimacy, trust and mutual respect, couples may decide to get divorced for fear of arguments escalating or after arguments have led to a total breakdown in the relationship.

While the occasional argument over trivial matters is relatively normal, arguments that result in physical violence, gaslighting, manipulation and other forms of physical or mental abuse are not, and are acceptable reasons for divorce.


Physical and emotional abuse is another cause of divorce in Canada. A 2019 study highlighted that 1.2% of Canadians were abused by their current or former spouse.

In Ontario, the government states that abuse can fall into several categories, including actual or threatened violence, sexual abuse, psychological or emotional abuse (e.g., gaslighting and manipulation), financial abuse and cultural abuse.

The government clearly highlights that abuse is an immediate threat that needs to be addressed by law enforcement, so if you’re experiencing abuse in your home, it’s very important to contact emergency services by calling 9-1-1 and to contact a support service that can help you create a safety plan.

A professional and experienced lawyer from Baker Doodnauth is ready to treat your divorce case with consideration and compassion if you’re thinking of filing for divorce as a result of spousal abuse.


Addiction to drugs, drinking, gambling or prescription medication can result in divorce as this tends to contribute toward a change in behaviour. A person struggling with addiction may become recluse or unaffectionate, and in extreme cases, violent or fearful in the home.

All of these have a devastating impact on marital relations and can leave spouses feeling trapped or scared. A behavioural change as a result of addiction that leads to a breakdown of the relationship is a legitimate reason for filing for divorce, so it’s important to seek help from Baker Doodnauth to help you navigate this.

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