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Here's What You Shouldn't Do When Getting A Divorce

Knowing what to do and what not to do while you’re navigating a divorce can be tricky. Being sensitive to everyone’s feelings while building your case can make it very difficult to maintain a balanced stance, leaving you feeling vulnerable and conflicted.

As divorces can be upsetting and very stressful, you may be tempted to neglect certain details like your finances or even go as far as to broadcast your thoughts on the internet.

While some of this may seem tempting, there’s a whole list of things that you should never do when you’re getting a divorce to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance at going through a divorce process that can be quickly finalized between both parties.

To help you achieve this, we’ve compiled this complete guide of the things you shouldn’t do when getting a divorce.

Here's What You Shouldn't Do When Getting A Divorce

Don't Badmouth Your Ex-Spouse On The Internet

We understand the temptation to use social media as a diary to vent your frustrations about your ex-partner. After all, social media can be a valuable outlet for seeking advice and comfort, as well as validation that your stress is warranted and understandable.

However, you should never use social media or other internet outlets to vent frustrations about your ex-spouse. Even if you’ve blocked your ex-spouse on all socials, a mutual friend could flag your posts to them, causing more stress and friction in your already fractious relationship.

This is also important to consider as your social media posts may be used against you if your divorce goes to court. This also applies to personal messages between you and your spouse. Try to avoid sending hateful messages or having arguments over direct messaging to avoid heated exchanges hurting your chances in court.

Avoiding Dating Immediately

Although you might want to get back out there to take your mind off of your divorce, it might be worth waiting until the dust settles after your divorce has been finalized.

We understand that you might feel lonely and want to date or you might have just met someone by chance, but this might serve as a distraction during your divorce proceedings, leading you to forget important things like your finances or building your defence if your divorce goes to court.

You should also consider what impact this may have on your relationship with your ex-spouse. Negative feelings towards new relationships can make financial negotiations much harder, drawing out your divorce much longer than necessary.

Neglect To Change Your Will

You’ll need to remember to change your will if you’re intent on removing your ex-spouse as the beneficiary in the event of your death. This means that they won’t be able to claim any undue assets if you don’t want them to.

Additionally, you should change your power of attorney to someone other than your ex-spouse. This means that your ex-spouse won’t be able to make important medical decisions for you if you ever become incapacitated, such as being in a coma following illness or an accident.

Weaponize Your Children During The Divorce Process

It’s important to never use your children as a bargaining chip against your ex-spouse. Not only can this have a negative impact on any court proceedings for both parties, but this can also lead to undue resentment and fractious relationships between you and your children. Try to maintain a neutral stance towards your partner when around your children.

Not Disclosing Assets

No one wants to face legal penalties on top of their divorce settlement, so never try to hide your assets during proceedings. It’s important to remember that this can have serious consequences on the progression of your divorce, such as elongating proceedings or damaging your credibility in the courtroom.

Forget To Reassess Your Finances

If you have shared financial accounts, then you should start to reconsider your spending and saving during your divorce. Of course, you shouldn’t immediately withdraw money from joint accounts until you have a written agreement on how this will be split between both parties.

However, try not to contribute to these joint accounts after filing for divorce. You can create new accounts that you alone are responsible for.

Be Sure To Get A Divorce Lawyer From Baker Doodnauth

Forgetting to use a divorce lawyer during proceedings can make negotiating much more difficult. This is especially difficult if you’re navigating tough child custody agreements, support or any other custody and financial battles. A professional and experienced divorce lawyer in Newmarket can help you understand complex divorce proceedings and help you secure the support you need.

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Looking for divorce lawyers in Newmarket can be stressful, but we’re here to take the strain away. For experienced and professional family law lawyers that you can trust to handle your divorce case with care, contact Baker Doodnauth today.

Our Newmarket law firm is committed to helping you understand and navigate the most complex divorce processes. We can help you with anything from understanding child custody battles to your prenuptial agreement. Call Baker Doodnauth today to find out how we can help you!

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